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Last night we had pancakes for dinner, as we do every other Tuesday.

(I was going to use the word "biweekly" in there but I'm never sure -- does "biweekly" mean once every other week, or twice a week? English is so hard.)

When it's pancake night, we always have a wide variety of fruit on the side. I like to have at least four or five different fruits, even in winter. I like to have at least one fruit that is unusual and new and challenges the kids to expand their food horizons.

They always stick exclusively to the apples and grapes, though. Sometimes the pineapple will go. But watermelon and mango and kiwi are just too weird. And strawberries? Just try getting that crap past them. They're on to you! They can tell just by looking that strawberries are like to rat poo!

Nice try, Mom.

At last night's meal we had bananas, grapes, strawberries, mango, and raspberries. The older two were having...grapes.

Meanwhile I had a nice fruit assortment on my own plate and had just tucked in when I heard a little "Ah, ah, ah" sort of cooing from the high chair.

The Wee One was looking at me with an expectant look like, "Excuse me, but what is that bit of deliciousness that you thought you were going to keep all to yourself?"

And I said, "This is a raspberry. RAZZZZZZZberry. Do you want one?"

And she was all, "Do I look adorable in a teeny yellow raincoat and jeans? YOU KNOW IT."

So I gave her a raspberry, and she bit into it, and squealed with joy. She also apparently loves mango. And bananas.

Oh, and strawberries. Yummiest food ever.

Where did we get this one? If she didn't look exactly like the other two, I'd be worried about a hospital switcheroo.
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Breakfast for dinner sounds delicious!