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Wordpress Imports

For those of you considering moving your blog off of LJ, it's now pretty darn easy to move your existing posts and comments over to Wordpress.


I think rather than moving off LJ completely, I'm just going to take certain kinds of posts elsewhere.

I almost never check my LJ friends page anymore. Friendfeed has replaced it for me, and it makes using multiple social networks that much easier.


Help for downloading for free

Hello, my dear friends. I want to download software pack XRumer 5.0 PALLADIUM free. Any url???
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And did you hear news - price for XRumer 5.0 Palladium will grow up to $540 after 15 may 2009... And XRumer 2.9 and 3.0 - too old versions, it's cant break modern catpchas and cant break modern anti-bot protections. But XRumer 5.0 Palladium CAN!!!!
So help me for download this great soft for free! Thanks!



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