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W is for Who

We just picked up the new Barenaked Ladies CD for kids, called Snack Time. It's totally adorable. My favourite song on it is called "Crazy ABCs," in which Ed goes through the alphabet saying unusual words for each letter -- "aisle" for A, "czar" for C, "psychosis" for P, that sort of thing.

The best one is X:

Ed: X is for Xian, an ancient Chinese City.
Steve: Ancient Chinese City, eh? My guitar player, some hotshot.

Referencing, of course, the famous Calgon ad that I totally blogged about not two months ago. Ha! I am totally still on the cutting edge of pop culture!

Or else, the Barenaked Ladies are as old and decrepit as I am.

Also good from the song:

Steve: By Zed, for the benefit of our American friends, you mean Zee, right?
Ed: No, I mean Zed, as in Zed Zed Top.

I've heard that before, but it still made me chuckle.

Speaking of Zed Zed Top, I finally got around to watching the finale of American Idol on the PVR yesterday. I've been watching AI for the past four weeks or so; this is the first time I've ever actually watched the show since it started. I blame Neil Diamond for getting me engrossed.

Since this was my first AI finale, I must ask...do they always have such grotesque product endorsements during the show? I'd guess that at least half the show was basically commercials. Thank goodness I was watching it on the PVR, so I could skip over the whole Love Guru extended bit. Even a few seconds of that was more than enough to make me want to stick my head in the oven. I am not without goodwill towards Mike Myers but damn, that looks like a bad movie. And not bad in a "so bad it's good," Evil Dead kind of way, either.

Of course, I was watching the finale while making muffins and standing two feet away from a running dishwasher, so maybe I missed out on some of the subtler points of humour.

Funny story about the AI finale. AI always runs a few minutes late, but I've been too lazy to get around to setting the PVR timer to record for a few extra minutes each week. While watching the finale I noticed the timer on the show getting down to less than two minutes left, and they still had not announced the winner.

Uh oh.

With about 20 seconds left of recorded time, Ryan Seacrest finally gets around to..."And the winner is...David..."

Three seconds left...two...one...


CHUNK. End of recorded time.

Whew. It would have been pretty funny if I had avoided the internet for a whole day in order to avoid the spoiler, only to have to turn to the internet to find out who actually won. Ha ha ha. Hilarious.

At least this way I was spared the AI Big Ballad, which I understand is something the AI winner is expected to record and release right away. Right? It doesn't matter, I've already completely lost interest. It must be tough to be an AI finalist, and have to do all these crappy show numbers and sing and dance to the tune of the producers for weeks, causing mass hysteria and total fan devotion, only to find yourself forgotten and unwanted like, three weeks later. Crazy.

Watching the AI finale kept me from working on moving the blog last night. I think I've decided for sure on Wordpress, but now I am at an impasse. I can't decide if I should continue to call my blog "TurtleHead" -- in which case, I need to find a non-TurtleHead URL -- or if I should just rename it to something else. Last year I actually wanted to rename the blog, but now I find I am all sentimental about TurtleHead and I want to keep it. But what for a URL? Something like, "IHaveATurtleHead"? Or "IAmTurtleHead"? Or "RockOnWithYourBadSelfTurtleHead"?

Any ideas, anyone?

Alternately I could rebrand, but I had a ton of trouble coming up with a new name last year, hence we still have TurtleHead today. Here are some of my new name ideas this time around:

Unmade Beds And Dirty Dishes (a nod to my mother)
My Fun With Words Dictionary (in which case I will post words from this fabulous book on a regular basis)
Bowl Of Cherries (a nod to the great Erma Bombeck)
Bear Sheep Monkey (my kids' special stuffed animals -- I've already decided to name my company this, should I ever start a company)
Canadian Tired (because I love the pun)
Cereal Fetish (because I have a cereal fetish, and it has a nice domestic flavour to it)
Crispy Flakes Of Bran (because Bran Flakes are the greatest food ever)
Three Brunettes (because I have three brunette babies)

Any other ideas? Anyone?

Wow, did this post meander. I blame the head cold. Maybe that should be my new blog name! "I Blame The Head Cold!"

I need some rest.


Well don't go with "TurtleHeadIs" because nearly everyone will ask, "What does the I-S stand for?".


... though that might make you sound like the leader of TMNT. I think my faves are Unmade Beds and Canadian Tired (that one made me laugh, and I can just picture the avatar).

I'm fairly pleased with Wordpress. I'm not thrilled with my blog name but all of my favourites were taken too, usually by someone who posted one test post and then abandoned it (infinitemonkeys.wordpress.com, I'm talking about you!)
Does it actually say "what a hotshot"? In the original ad, it's "some hotshot", right? So who's being sloppy with their pop-culture references, you, BNL, or me?
It does, in fact, say "some hotshot," both in the commercial and in the BNL song. It's me who had quoted it wrong...I've edited my original post with the correction. Voila!